Basic Bone Broth Recipe

By / Photography By Carole Topalian | December 01, 2016


  • 5 pounds veal joint bones
  • 2 gallons water


Preheat oven to 400°.

Rinse bones and place in a baking dish or highsided baking sheet.

Roast bones for 30 to 45 minutes or until golden brown and slightly caramelized.

Add bones to a large stockpot and cover with the water.

Cover the stockpot with a lid and bring to a simmer over medium heat on the stove.

Once simmering, remove the lid and reduce the heat to low to maintain a very slow simmer.

As the bones cook, skim the top of the pot as impurities and excess fat begin to accumulate.

Simmer for at least 12 hours, skimming as needed.

When finished cooking, strain the broth through a fine mesh sieve and cool as quickly as possible.

• Broth will hold in the refrigerator for one week, or three to four months in the freezer.

• Bone broth can be simmered for as many as 24 hours and beyond. If you plan to cook longer than 12 hours, replace the lid and add a bit of water as necessary to keep the pot from drying out. Always cook over very low heat and keep covered to reduce evaporation.

• Aromatic vegetables and herbs may be added during the last two to three hours of cooking to improve flavor.

The Long Bones

While the short joint bones are great for making stock and bone broth, long bones, also known as marrow bones, have their uses, too. Marrow bones can be split lengthwise, or roasted whole, and enjoyed as a truly decadent snack or first course. My favorite way to enjoy long bones is to split marrow bones that have been roasted in a very hot oven (500°) and drizzled with a garlic and fresh parsley vinaigrette, accompanied by crispy sourdough toast points or butter fried French bread slices.


  • 5 pounds veal joint bones
  • 2 gallons water
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