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GreenFix Organics Offers Smoothies Made of Local and Organic Produce

By Cheyenne Buckingham | March 15, 2016
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Katie McKivergin, co-owner of Organic GreenFix
Katie McKivergin, co-owner of Organic GreenFix PHOTOS COURTESY OF ORGANIC GREENFIX

Health in a Cup

“Normal is boring.”

These are the words that Lisa Galat McKivergin said to her daughter Katie when she was a child, after she frantically asked her mother why she couldn’t buy the foods she saw her peers eat. Pudding, bologna sandwiches on white bread—without the crust—chips and a blue-flavored juice box, are just some examples of the normal lunches Katie was referring to. Instead, her lunch box contained weird foods including a thermos filled with homemade soup, a piece of fresh fruit and some change for a carton of milk. It was her mother’s teachings, however, that stuck with her throughout her life and encouraged her to value the foods that she puts into her body.

Today, Katie McKivergin co-owns Organic GreenFix smoothie company with her parents, Lisa and Jim McKivergin. The family started business at the Granville Farmers Market in 2011, selling a unique blend of smoothies that contain a vibrant combination of fresh, local and organic produce. But the inspiration for the company began elsewhere in their family.

“I have been surrounded by natural healers and believers my entire life,” Katie explains, “Organic GreenFix started with my family in San Diego, California.”

In 1999 her cousin Phil was diagnosed with ALS and as his illness progressed, he lost his ability to swallow solid foods. His mother, Erica, who Katie pegs as the naturopath of the family, concocted a vegetable-based smoothie that would provide him with all of the vitamins and minerals he would need for the day. Unfortunately, ALS took Phil’s life in 2004. But Erica’s persistent efforts to fuel her son with nutrient-dense smoothies did not go unnoticed. Phil’s brother, Daniel, was intrigued by the health benefits each one of his mother’s smoothies contained, so he asked if he could try selling her recipe at the local farmers market. By 2011, he was selling “GreenFix” smoothies at 11 farmers markets each week in California. Now, Katie and her immediate family own their own storefront at 4426 Indianola Ave. in Clintonville.

“The company’s views, as well as my personal view and most of my family’s, is that it all starts within you,” says Katie. “Healing yourself and maintaining health starts with what we put in, on and around our bodies.”

It is significant to note the word “organic” that stands before “GreenFix” in the McKivergin’s company name. None of the produce they incorporate into their smoothies is conventionally grown. Katie sees non-organic items as fake foods because of the synthetic additives they contain.

“Non-organic produce is made up of pesticides (which are made up of deadly, cancer-causing chemicals), preservatives (similar to those used to preserve a corpse), artificial sweeteners (which cause diabetes and cardiovascular disease) [and] artificial colors (made from ground-up insects),” says Katie.

That once-little girl who so desperately wanted to eat the foods her present self would now describe as fake is no more. As the co-owner of a company that solely purchases 100% organic produce, her smoothies are free from any genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. She only utilizes real, whole foods in both her Original and Raw smoothies.

The Original and Raw Smoothie options are equivalent in nutrition in the sense that they both contain the same amount of raw ingredients. Both smoothies consist of kale, Swiss chard, collard greens, dandelion greens, parsley, romaine lettuce, spinach, apples and bananas. The only difference is that the Original has a little bit of organic, unfiltered apple juice in it. Most of these ingredients are locally sourced, as well.

“Whenever possible, we source our products locally,” says Katie. “Local produce is fresher. Generally, it has literally been harvested that day. And also, when you buy locally, you support the local economy. It’s a beautiful circle.”

She has bought collard greens, kale, lettuce, parsley and Swiss chard from Mark Van Fleet of Small Fortune Farms and Sunbeam Family Farms. Katie and her parents also cultivate fresh fruits and vegetables in their own gardens and integrate them into their smoothies, too.

Fake foods are not in Organic GreenFix’s company vocabulary. The McKivergins have made it their mission to fuel the local community with healthful, nutrient-dense smoothies.

“We are here to provide health in a cup. We want to help heal and nourish you from the inside out. Our goal is to help heal those that need it and help maintain health for everyone,” says Katie.

Organic GreenFix
4426 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43214
(740) 404-9423

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